How do I get money to export?

You probably need extra money to make export possible. But where can this be found? In the crowd, with the government or via the bank? In the white paper Export Financing, we highlight the most important sources and forms of export financing. You will read how other entrepreneurs have tackled it and you will receive practical tips on how to achieve suitable financing.

You need money for international plans . For additional costs and usually an international transaction takes a lot longer. There is therefore a good chance that you will need extra capital to make exports possible. Steven Ryan, co-founder and owner Vinice: “We often had to wait too long for our money. We did not want a loan from a bank or an investor. We wanted to remain financially independent and run as little risk as possible. By adjusting our payment model, we can now keep our cash flow going and finance the export of our products. ”

Alternative forms of financing

In addition to the ‘old’ financing options, initiatives for crowdfunding , credit unions and matchmaking have been maturing in recent years.

Crowfunding: do you want to know whether crowdfunding is a suitable form of financing for your company? Check via the Chamber of Commerce Crowdfunding Scan whether this form of financing suits you and your plans.

Credit unions: Credit unions bring entrepreneurs and investors together. They also provide customization. Credit unions look at the person of the entrepreneur, the company and the business plan. They are sparring partners to make entrepreneurs even stronger and to make use of the entrepreneur’s network.

Matchmaking: entrepreneurs with a plan but without (sufficient) capital are brought into contact via Matchmakers through their website with investors who want to invest money in promising companies. A number of providers are active in the field of Matchmaking in the USA .


In addition to the financing options mentioned above, the whitepaper also discusses bank financing. Machiel Roelofsen, director of Rotra Logistics, says that he has a good relationship with the bank: “They know our company and know that we are always very thrifty. There is mutual trust. We are transparent in all areas and keep the bank informed. Banks don’t like surprises. We don’t like that ourselves. That creates a bond. The trust ensured that the financing was arranged like this. Download the White  Paper  Export Financing and read more about which forms of financing are available to make export possible.